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Chin, Jaw, & Neck

While it tends to be an area often forgotten or ignored when it comes to anti-aging and sun protection, your neck and lower face play a large part in your overall appearance. However, many people may not think about those areas until they suddenly notice wrinkles, sagging and other visible signs of aging. Just like any other place on your body, your lower face and neck are subject to environmental and genetic factors that affect the way your skin ages. You may not be as careful applying moisturizer and sunscreen to your jaw, under your chin or down your neck. As a result, the skin there may not receive the benefits of hydration and sun protection that the rest of your face does, leaving it more vulnerable to early aging.

Causes of a Sagging and Wrinkles in the Chin, Jaw and Neck

Two of the most essential building blocks of youthful skin are vital proteins found naturally in our bodies known as collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are responsible for keeping skin looking and feeling smooth and supple, as well allowing it to bounce back from damage more easily. As the years pass, the production of those proteins begins to slow, and the existing collagen and elastin in your skin starts to weaken. This causes a loss in the elasticity of your skin, especially in places where it is thinner or more exposed to damage, allowing lines and wrinkles to appear, and causing sagging and drooping along your jawline and neck.

While a few of the following factors are preventable, some are inevitable. No matter the cause, at The Rejuva Center at Williams, we offer a variety of nonsurgical options to successfully treat your aging lower face and neck, helping you to regain your confidence and refresh your appearance.

Some of the most common causes of an aging lower face and neck include:

  • Diminishing collagen and elastin
  • Genetics
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Sun damage

Common Symptoms of Aging in the Lower Face and Neck

Oral commissures – The oral commissure is the area of your mouth where your top and bottom lips meet at the outer corners. In some cases, the corners of the mouth are naturally downturned, making you look as if you are angry or upset. In other cases, the sagging skin that comes with age can pull those corners down as well, leaving you looking perpetually unhappy.

Marionette lines – These lines are the ones that run from the corner of your mouth vertically down to your chin – so named because they resemble the lines on a marionette. If you tend to purse your lips on a regular basis, you may notice that you’re developing marionette lines. But just like any other symptom of aging, marionette lines can simply be a result of genetics and environment – some people may just be more predisposed to them than others.

Mental crease – Also called the mental crease, this describes a horizontal crease in the area between your lower lip and chin. It may not be an area that you were aware was contributing to how your face ages, but with the decrease in collagen and elastin, the mental crease may become more prominent, and change the line of your chin and jaw – making them look “weaker.”

Dimpled chin – Also known as a cleft chin, dimpled chins are something that are often associated with a more masculine look. Chin dimples are usually hereditary, and are caused by improper fusing of the mandibular bone. If you feel that this y-shaped indent on your chin makes you look less attractive, there are ways to fix it without surgery.

Jawline definition – As the skin on your face ages, and the underlying volume decreases, you are left with skin that droops and sags. One of the more noticeable areas of concern is along your jawline. As the sagging skin on your face increases, the defined, youthful appearance of your jawline decreases. The excess skin softens the contours of your jaw, leaving you with less definition and even the beginnings of unsightly jowls.

Double chin – Fluctuations in your weight as well as the natural aging process are often evident in your face, especially when it comes to the area underneath your chin. Known as the submental area, if you have excess skin and tissue here, it contributes to the overall appearance of your face more than you may know. If you have excess fat, your face looks rounder, while excess skin can make you look older. A combination of the two can give the impression that you are heavier than you are. The dreaded “turkey wattle” forms due to aging of the submental area, and is something that is often a dead giveaway that you’re older than you appear.

Horizontal neck lines – Also known as necklace lines, these types of lines span across your neck from side to side. While proper skin care may help prevent these types of lines from deepening and becoming more noticeable, they’re almost impossible to avoid altogether. Necklace lines are a result of the natural aging process, and are worsened by the things we do every day – looking down at your computer, or a book or electronic device helps to etch the lines ever deeper into your skin.

Platysmal bands – The platysmal bands are the muscles that run up the front of your neck (on both the right and left sides) vertically from your collarbone up to your jaw. Straining or clenching your jaw can cause these muscles to be visible, and as your skin thins with age and begins to lose volume, your platysmal bands become more noticeable – and an obvious indicator that you’re older than you feel.

Addressing Your Concerns at The Rejuva Center at Williams

Because everyone is different, no two patients will receive the exact same treatments at The Rejuva Center at Williams. When you come in for a consultation, one of our expert staff will meet with you and listen to your concerns about your lower face and neck, examine you, and work with you to create a customized treatment plan designed to leave you looking youthful and refreshed.

Depending on your aesthetic needs, one or more of the following treatments may be used to rejuvenate your appearance and give you the superior results you desire:

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