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With the passage of time comes the natural progression of age and all of the changes (both good and bad) that go with it. You begin to notice the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, changes in your skin’s texture, and loss of volume in your face, just to name a few. While all of these issues are mostly unavoidable, that doesn’t mean that you have to simply live with them. At The Rejuva Center at Williams, we understand that the more drastic changes to your face can be something that affects your confidence and self-esteem. There’s no shame in aging, but there is also no shame in wanting to look your best, and that’s what our team of experts are here for. If you’ve started to see changes in your skin associated with age, The Rejuva Center at Williams can help.

What is Volume Loss?

To understand how to address the changes in your face due to age, you first need to understand your skin and what it goes through during the aging process. There are two vital proteins that work to keep your skin looking supple and youthful – collagen and elastin. These essential building blocks to beautiful skin help retain the correct balance of moisture and keep your skin firm and healthy, able to easily bounce back after injury or damage. As you age, the existing collagen weakens and breaks down, the production of healthy new collagen and elastin slows, and your skin becomes less able to withstand everyday damage and environmental effects. The result? Increasingly more noticeable lines and wrinkles, changes in the texture of your skin.

At the same time, age also causes facial fat to decrease and “fall,” as the structures underneath weaken and are unable to support the natural padding. This leads to a gradual loss of definition in your cheeks and jawline, as well as a hollowing effect in your temples and under your eyes. You may also notice that wrinkles and fine lines are more evident, as loss of volume can also increase the visibility of existing flaws.

What Contributes to Volume Loss?

There are several factors that contribute to a loss of volume in your face. Some, like genetics and the natural aging process, are unavoidable.

However, other causes of volume loss and symptoms of aging are preventable, including:

  • Weight gain and loss
  • Sun damage
  • Injury or trauma
  • Lifestyle choices (such as smoking and dehydration)
  • Illness
  • Hormone changes
  • Stress

While some volume loss is inevitable, at The Rejuva Center at Williams, we offer several options for restoring and refreshing your appearance.

Treating Volume Loss

Volume loss, especially in the cheeks and mid-face, may seem like something that you can’t fight. But at The Rejuva Center at Williams, we offer a wide variety of injectable fillers designed to treat everything from minor to severe cases of diminished volume. Our team of highly trained and experienced injectors will examine your face and determine which filler will offer the superior results you expect.

Each type of filler offers a different advantage, so that you leave our office looking beautiful and natural, without anyone knowing you’ve had a cosmetic treatment.

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