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With age comes changes to your skin, and the formation of wrinkles in areas you never paid much attention to. While most people are familiar with the more common “smile lines” alongside your nose, there are other types of wrinkles that may etch themselves into your nose, leaving you looking older than you feel. Perhaps you are unhappy with certain features of your nose – a bump or a crooked bridge – or you dislike the overall shape of your nose. At The Rejuva Center at Williams, we understand that no concern is too small when it affects your self-confidence. If you are worried about changes to your nose, we have the knowledge and treatments available to help.

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

If your concerns about your nose focus more on its overall appearance, but you’re not quite ready for invasive rhinoplasty surgery, The Rejuva Center at Williams offers nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty uses injectable treatments to shape and smooth your nose, giving you the profile you’ve always wanted. Because it uses fillers, nonsurgical rhinoplasty is an excellent option for a temporary change in your look, or as a way to “try out” what your nose might look like after rhinoplasty surgery. Performed by one of our trained and experienced injectors, nonsurgical rhinoplasty is done right in our office, and can boost your self-confidence in just a few short minutes, leaving you looking beautiful without the need for surgery or downtime.

Bunny Lines

“Bunny lines” may be a term that sounds adorable, but what it really describes is a type of wrinkle that appears when you laugh or smile and scrunch up your nose. These types of lines show up on either side of your nose, and start at the inner corners of your eyes, ending up just under the bridge. As time passes, they tend to be visible even when your face is at rest.

While bunny lines can be corrected using Botox, they can also be caused by Botox. Botox works by immobilizing the muscles responsible for your expressions. If you’ve had Botox to treat forehead lines, you may have a smooth brow, but the rest of your facial muscles are working overtime to give your face expression. The eventual overuse of the other muscles may lead to wrinkles in other places, such as around your eyes and nose. Ironically, the best way to treat bunny lines is with Botox.

Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are the lines on either side of your mouth that extend from the corner of your nose down to the corner of your mouth. Visible primarily when you smile, everyone has some degree of nasolabial lines, but they tend to become more noticeable and deepen as you age.

While some degree of nasolabial fold is inevitable, keeping skin hydrated and protected from sun damage, as well as avoiding smoking, can go a long way towards preventing nasolabial folds from being etched deeply into your face.

At The Rejuva Center at Williams, we offer several treatments to diminish or eliminate the appearance of nasolabial folds. When you come in for your consultation, one of our expert staff will examine you and recommend the treatment or treatments that will provide you with the best possible results.

Some of your options include:

Each of these therapies can address different degrees of nasolabial lines, and leave you with a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Nasolabial folds are a natural part of your anatomy, not necessarily just a sign of aging. However, there are several factors that contribute to nasolabial lines becoming more prominent, including:

  • Repetitive facial expressions
  • Sun damage
  • Loss of collagen and volume due to age
  • Weight gain and loss
  • Lifestyle choices (such as smoking)
  • Environmental pollutants

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