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New Age-Repair DefenAge™ Corrects Up to 16 Signs of Aging in Just 6 weeks!*

We’ve been in the skincare business for a long time and we’ve never been more excited to share an amazing new product called DefenAge™ at the Williams Rejuva Center.

Inspired by the recent discovery of the skin’s regeneration process, DefenAge™ specifically targets the most common aging skin issues including pore size and wrinkle depth as well as skin color and overall appearance. The DefenAge™ Clinical Power Trio involves 3-product regimen: 2-Minute Reveal Masque, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream and the 8-in-1 BioSerum.

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH MEETS YOUR BIGGEST SKIN CARE CONCERNS Thanks to break-through research on the skin’s regeneration process, powerful, synthetically produced “messenger peptides” (defensins) have been identified and are now available exclusively in DefenAge™ skincare. This ingredient found only in DefenAge™ skincare line rejuvenates the skin’s appearance naturally and effectively.

Defensis plays an important role in the skin’s function, immunity and healing. When a disruption occurs in the skin’s immune system, a stem cell located in the hair follicle enters a cycle of self-renewal, which triggers the production of keratinocytes. These keratinocytes migrate to the top, to form the skin’s barrier, protecting the skin against external injury, preventing moisture loss and ensuring optimal skin health.

WRINKLES AND PORES MINIMIZED As we age, our skin loses collagen which helps keep it supple, and free of wrinkles. The DefenAge™ skincare products help your body produce more collagen and the longer you use the products, the more youthful–firmer skin with noticeably fewer wrinkles – your skin will look.

GET THE GLOW OF YOUTHFUL SKIN Our skin also loses some of its glow due to moisture loss causing dull, dry, and flaky skin. DefenAge™ products are designed to relieve such loss by delivering moisture deep in the layers of the skin. With the very first applications, your skin will regain some of its youthful glow and, with repeated use, your skin will become smoother. Skin has that natural glow without leaving it oily.

REDUCE REDNESS, AGE SPOTS AND THOSE DARK CIRCLES DefenAge™ can also reduce redness, age spots and those dark circles under the eyes which could disappear completely within four to six weeks of use. By thoroughly cleaning your pores DefenAge™ skin care system minimizes them, leaving you with fewer breakouts and blemishes over time. Sounds amazing, right? To add DefenAge™ products to your skin care regimen, call the Williams Rejuva Center at (518)-786-7004 *According to the makers of DefenAge™ skin care, a six-week clinical study of participants ages 48 to 68 used this regimen: 2-Minute Reveal Masque one-to-two times a week plus 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream and 8-in-1 BioSerum twice daily. Participants realized an overall improvement in skin evenness (a global measurement of the skin surface roughness including pore and wrinkle size and the even or coarse texture of the skin) as measured using QuantifiCare™ Clinical Imaging System as compared to QuantifiCare’s Reference Population Database of normal aging skin for that age group. DefenAge “youthened” skin appearance up to 18 years (+ or – 4, average per group).

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