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Candela Vbeam pulse dye lasers treat a variety of skin conditions, from embarrassing acne to spider veins. The laser system delivers a gentle pulse of laser beam to specific areas on the skin. The laser light penetrates the tissue where it is absorbed by blood vessels and melanin. The treatments feel warm and tingly, but there is no safety risk. In fact, pulse dye lasers are safe enough to use on infants.

With no worries about a recovery time, it’s an easy treatment for any busy man or woman. One treatment takes approximately 15 minutes, so you can fit it in during your lunch hour or when running errands.

Conditions Pulse Dye Lasers Treat

At Dr. Williams’ New York plastic surgery, pulse dye laser treatments alleviate broken capillaries, bruises, rosacea, and spider veins. It can also treat acne.

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. There is no cure, so people with rosacea must rely on avoiding triggers and caring for the skin. Pulse dye laser is drawn to the redness of rosacea and help correct the problem for up to a year and a half.

Broken capillaries and spider veins are also easily corrected with pulse dye laser treatments. Following the treatment, the skin may be blotchy for 7 to 10 days. Some people need an additional treatment to clear up broken capillaries. For spider veins, two to three treatments may be required.

When it comes to bruises, Dr. Williams discovered the breakthrough treatment. While a typical bruise can take a week or longer to heal, treatment with pulse dye lasers cause the bruise to heal in as little as one day.

Cost of a Pulse Dye Laser Treatment

Typically, a pulse dye laser treatment is not covered by health insurance. The only times insurance coverage will consider partial or full coverage is for hypertrophic scars or keloids that cause pain or impairment with daily routines, certain cases of plaque psoriasis, port wine birthmarks and other vascular lesions and growths on the face or neck, or warts that have resisted at least two other treatment methods.

A treatment with the pulse dye laser is around $400 to $500. You need a few treatments to clear up the skin. Before scheduling your appointment with Dr. Williams, talk to your insurance company to see what coverage is available. If your procedure is not covered, Dr. Williams does accept Care Credit. Care Credit finances cosmetic surgeries with low or no interest.

View facial rejuvenation before and after pictures to see the improvement pulse dye laser makes on the skin. Wouldn’t you like to see your skin looking that radiant? Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists has offices in Albany and Manhattan, New York. Call (518) 786-7000 (Albany), (212) 799-2100 (Manhattan), or toll-free at (518) 941-8416 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Williams.

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