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I am 71 years old, female and in very good health. I have used Botox for almost 7 years to ease the wrinkling on my forehead and eyes. I am ready for a more permanent solution. My hair is receding and I wonder if the endoscopic browlift will leave a noticeable scar because of the hair loss in this area.


To answer your question regarding endoscopic browlift, there are five separate incisions almost one inch in length that is placed in and behind the hairline. Because of the orientation of these, it is still possible to use these incisions in either patient’s with thinning hair. Over the past 15 years I have used this many times in men who are balding and even in women with alopecia totalis (a condition where someone has complete loss of all hair on the entire scalp and body). If you are ready for a more permanent solution, it may benefit you to seek consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for endoscopic browlift.

Posted by Dr. Williams

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