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I am curious about the laser light peels. How many peels are usually done on a face? Do you use any chemicals or natural products on the face along with the laser light?


Laser light peels are actually somewhat of a misnomer as the type of laser you are referring to is what we call a non-ablative laser. Essentially this type of laser is used to treat the skin to improve the condition of the skin and improve some of the very fine wrinkling. What happens is the laser light goes down through the skin and stimulates a light inflammatory response in the deeper areas of the skin we refer to as the dermis. An inflammatory response is what causes the fibro-plast (small cells that make collagen) to manufacture collagen which improves the structure and integrity of the skin. Collagen also assists in wrinkle reduction. This laser is often performed in conjunction with light chemical peels which essentially causes exfoliation of the outer skin, dead skin, or uneven pigmentation. The type of products we typically recommend for all patients includes a total sun block and sunscreen which helps block out the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Posted by Dr. Williams

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