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I would like to consult with you about skin products and diet for an anti-aging regimen.  For the diet, are there special foods required, or is it more about choosing better foods at the grocery store?


The optimal diet for anti-aging is one that incorporates fresh local organic foods into the diet.   In particular, organic fruits and vegetables and meats are extremely important to eat, as well as all of your foods being pesticide-free.  Pesticides and nonorganic foods are toxins to the body and can make the body chronically ill over time.   Organic foods are not always available and in that case, wash your foods very well and minimize the amount of nonorganic foods that you eat.  You can choose better foods at the grocery store and most mainstream grocery stores now have many organic and healthy options.   Some specialty foods are available at health food stores as well.  Besides eating clean, simple, natural fresh foods, there are no other special or magic foods to incorporate into an anti-aging regimen.  You want colorful vegetables and fruits; you want organic lean protein, organic nuts, organic olive oil and whole grains to have a healthy balanced diet. Posted by Dr. Allison Pontius

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