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There has been much media reports causing confusion with Botox® and fillers.There are newer wrinkle filler options available in other countries that have not been approved in the United States.Over the years, both men and women have searched for the ideal answer.Not to confuse Botox® as a filler, Botox® relaxes the muscle and helps to smooth out lines, whereas a “fillerâ€? is used to plump up areas.

Is the name we most generally associate as being a soft tissue filler.The most common injection sites are the frown and smile lines, nasal labial folds and the lips.Collagen is a natural protein.It is found throughout the body.Human collagen is very similar to the collagen found in certain animals.Zyderm and Zyplast collagen implants are made of collagen from cow skin that has been highly purified.It has been used to treat patients since 1976.

Allergy Test: Required.If you have a history of allergy to other Bovine (cow) collagen products, currently on immuno suppressive therapy, or sensitive to Lidocaine, Zyderm or Zyplast, collagen should not be used.

Longevity: Four months Cost:$425.00 per 1.5cc

Available in the United States:Yes, FDA approved. RESTYLANE /RESTYLANE FINE LINES / PERLANE

is intended for wrinkle correction and lip enhancement.

is used for correcting thin superficial lines for example, around the mouth, forehead and smile lines.

can be used for shaping facial contours, such as cheeks and chin, correcting deep folds, and for volume augmentation of the lips.

These products contain only minimally modified hyaluronic acid, a natural constituent of human tissues.Hyaluronic acid is present in all living organisms.The company which produced these products invented a method for binding together the molecules in hyaluronic acid which, is a non-animal stabilized form.The important advantage of the non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid is its prolonged residence time in tissues.However, like other biodegradable implants, it is slowly broken down.Volume is maintained until the stabilized gel is almost completely degraded and no trace of the original implant remains.

Allergy Test: Not required.

Longevity: Long lasting but not permanent.Effective for up to one year after treatment of wrinkles and six months after lip augmentation. Cost:Unknown.

Available in the United States: No, Restylane has completed its pivotal FDA clinical trial for the U.S. and is now waiting FDA approval,which is expected sometime this year.

Is microscopic homogenous polymethylmethacrylate beads in a 3.5% collagen suspension mixed with Lidocaine.3%.Some surgeons reported that injected micro-implants, such as artecoll, tend to have unpredictable inflammation leading to excess scar tissue formation.Polymethylmethacrylate is not a substance normally found in the body.

Allergy Test: Required due to collagen carrier.

Longevity: Indefinite, this type of product is not easily removed.

Cost: Unknown.

Available in the United States: No.

Is an alternative injectable filler for lips and deep lines.It is made up of calcium hydroxyapatite, a material naturally found in teeth and bone.Calcium hydroxyapatite has been safely used for several years in the body for many applications including dental applications where bone build-up is needed for reconstruction.With Radiance, the calcium hydroxyapatite micro spheres are suspended in a polysaccharide carrier which holds the micro spheres in place until it is resorbed and the collagenation takes place.When injected in soft tissue, away from bone, fibroblasts work by building reportedly a non-scar tissue collagen type, thus creating volume in the treatment area.

Allergy Test: Not needed.

Longevity: Approximately two years, some report over 6 years and counting in non-cosmetic applications.

Cost: Unknown

Available in the Untied States: Yes, however, it is in the investigational stages for cosmetic use. FDA approved for certain medical conditions.

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