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Do you suffer from severe underarm sweating?  At Williams Rejuva Center we can help with treating this condition called Hyperhydrosis.

Botox is FDA approved for severe underarm sweating when topical agents don’t work.  Botox treatment helps control this condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.  When the sweat glands don’t receive chemical signals, the severe sweating stops.

You should notice a significant reduction in underarm sweating within 4 weeks of your first treatment.  There is a possibility that some sweat glands may be missed, and you may continue to experience some sweating from the untreated areas.  If this were to happen you should contact us and schedule a follow up.

In a clinical study, the median duration of response in Botox patients was 201 days or 6.7 months.  It is not a cure; your symptoms will return gradually, and you will know when the time is right for another treatment.

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