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What type of skin responds well to chemical peels? I have thin skin, and it is quite wrinkled. I am also a smoker. Do you recommend a peel or laser?


The type of skin that responds best to a chemical peel are patients with fair skin. Typically chemical peels can be performed safely with slightly darker skin but it is usually not advised for patients with very dark skin, or what we refer to as skin of color (Middle Eastern, Asian, African-American.) The carbon dioxide laser and a chemical peel work in a similar fashion; however, we typically reserve the CO2 laser for someone who has deep wrinkling. We find that deepest wrinkling is best addressed by the carbon dioxide laser. The ideal candidate for a TCA (trichloracetic acid) chemical peel is someone with moderate wrinkling, uneven pigmentation and fair skin. Being a smoker certainly contributes to wrinkling and although it is not a desirable factor with regard to wound healing, we have performed many chemical peels and laser treatments on patients who are smokers without problems. Posted by Dr. Williams

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