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As the quest for the fountain of youth continues, emerging trends are revealed every day, including new techniques allowing those patients who fear the downtime and complications of cosmetic surgery to enjoy the anti-aging benefits without the risks of traditional surgical procedures. In response to patients wanting more surgical options, Dr. Edwin Williams, MD, FACS of the Williams Center for Excellence in Latham developed the new Rejuva Lift™, a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that consists of a mid-face Contour Threadlift and fat transfer to correct the loss of elasticity and volume to the face due to the natural aging process.

The Rejuva Lift™ is performed by using FDA approved micro ligaments or threads that are inserted through a small incision near the temple. Once under the skin, these threads contain multiple cogs that anchor the tissue and create a gentle mid-face lift. This procedure is then combined with lipocontouring or fat transfer, where fat is removed from the patient’s hips, thighs or abdomen and injected into the hollow areas of the face such as under the eyes, cheeks and lips.

The Rejuva Lift™ procedure takes approximately one hour and medication by mouth (oral sedation) and local anesthesia are used rather than general anesthesia. Only a small incision is made near the temple within the hairline to perform the Threadlift, and because the fat is injected with a canula, there are no incision areas. Patients can usually return to work two days following the procedure, however some minor swelling and bruising may be present. Complete recovery takes approximately seven days.

Dr. Williams evaluates all patients and completes a thorough medical history to determine if they are a candidate for the Rejuva Lift™ procedure. With the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery constantly evolving, Dr. Williams feels obligated to explore new surgical trends and incorporate them into successful procedures yielding exceptional results.

While the results of the Rejuva Lift” are similar to those of the traditional facelift procedure, it does not have the same longevity; however, with his extensive experience using threads, Dr. Williams does believe that they play a significant role for a select patient population.

Dr. Williams established the Williams Center for Excellence in Latham, New York in 1993. He is board certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and serves as Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Albany Medical Center. He strives to provide his patients with outstanding service and the undivided attention of highly trained registered nurses that specialize in cosmetic surgery. It is his goal to offer new techniques, as well as the most accurate information regarding cosmetic plastic surgery in the region.

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