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Dr. Edwin F. Williams, M.D., FACS of the Williams Center has dedicated his practice to treating the face, offering the perfect blend of art and science to ensure optimal results. While some facial plastic surgeons focus on aesthetics through surgery, solely, Dr. Williams takes a multifaceted approach to each treatment plan.

Skincare, specifically medicated skin care products, can optimize non-surgical and surgical procedure results. Patients may also choose to use the products without undergoing any additional procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. Dr. Williams and his highly trained staff spend time with each patient to plan a daily routine specific to their needs. The array of medically crafted formulas can prove overwhelming for some patients. This information is aimed at providing skincare patients with an overview of how the products are commonly used.

First Cleanse

When used twice daily, a skin cleanser can effectively maintain a moisture balance in the skin conducive to a fresh, healthy appearance. Face washes are formulated for many types of skin, including oily/acne prone, normal and dry. Specialized lines may cater to a wider range of skin conditions and issues. A cleanser helps to remove impurities from the skin, including daily pollutants and cosmetics. Men are encouraged to use many of the same skincare product types as women, including facial cleansers.

Some examples we recommend include deep cleanser, which are also gentle enough to use every day like HydroPeptide or Ellure Cleanser or Cleansing Gel. For an even gentler alternative we also recommend the non-foam cleanser Mark Lees Soothing Cleanser.

Now Exfoliate

Cell renewal is one of the most important processes for skin health and aesthetics. In order to speed up this process to ensure newer cells are always present at the skin’s surface, exfoliants are used manually to remove older skin cells. An exfoliator can soften the skin after every use and create a more uniform complexion. It also clears debris from the pores, lessening the appearance of blackheads. The gritty particles in these skin treatments may be natural or synthetic, and vary in size. Because of the abrasive nature of the product, many skin scrubs are not suggested for everyday use.

Tone, Tone, Tone

Once the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated, the next step in the skincare regimen is the application of toner. Typically offered in liquid formulation, this product is not rinsed from the skin. A toner may be formulated to combat acne, moisturize the skin, or to treat the skin in other ways. This product also removes the last bit of makeup that may be remaining on the skin. The ideal application involves a cotton pad or cotton ball and enough toner to smooth over the entire face. The skin should feel moisturized, but not dripping wet.


Serums and moisturizers are not interchangeable products as the former is a power-packed, concentrated treatment and the latter has the main duty of hydrating the skin. Typically, serums are slightly thicker than toners, and almost of a gel consistency. A facial serum may be designed to combat lines and wrinkles or other signs of aging.

In the same way every other skincare step is customizable, the same is true for serums. These treatments offer the strongest, most effective ingredients that are comparable to prescription-strength skincare and are quickly absorbed by the skin.

Eye Cream

Some patients question why there is a separate treatment for the eye area, and often skip this step in their skincare regimen until they learn of its importance. The eye area is very sensitive, with some of the thinnest skin of the entire body surrounding these vital organs of vision. The ingredients may irritate the eyes or have not been tested for use around or in the eyes. Additionally, because the skin is very thin, and the eyes are involved in many facial movements and expressions, products designed for the skin of the face may be insufficient to treat this area.

The eyes may exhibit signs of aging in people as early as their 20s, which is why some eye creams have been developed to prevent these signs of aging. Not every eye cream is developed for the creases commonly known as crow’s feet, though. Some treat dark under-eye circles and under-eye bags.

Finally Moisturize

Once a serum and eye cream have been fully absorbed by the skin, a moisturizer can be smoothed over the face. While other steps in the skincare process may only be performed once daily, it is typically advised that patients moisturize their skin two times each day, once in the morning and once at night.

For daytime, a lighter facial lotion with an SPF may be ideal, while at night a nurturing treatment cream can be applied. Moisturizers not only soften the skin, but may also contain treatment ingredients. Facial hydrators are created in a wide variety of formulations to suit the needs of the various types of skin. This promotes optimal skin health and long-lasting comfort throughout the day and night.

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