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Is there a difference in the appearance of the skin when comparing a physician strength peel and microdermabrasion? I am 37 years old and would like to have treatment on my face.


There is definitely a difference in the appearance of the skin when comparing a physician-strength peel and micro-dermabrasion. We do not perform micro-dermabrasion because unfortunately the results are not long-lasting. If you think about it, micro-dermabrasion is a gentle sanding of the outer layer of the skin, stratum corneum, which are essentially the dead cells of the outer layer. In order to give the patient a lasting result, it is important to extend the treatment down to the dermal-epidermal junction which is where the skin originates from. By creating an inflammatory response in that area, or removing skin down to that area, the changes would result in a permanent change.

Essentially what occurs is that we create an inflammatory response followed by collage deposition that occurs after the cells that make collagen, the fibroblast, become stimulated. Collagen deposition occurs and tightening of the skin ensues. These results are permanent and lasting and depend on the strength of the peels. The deeper chemical peels have a little more recovery, are more extensive and result in a more lasting or permanent result. By comparison, a micro-dermabrasion makes one skin feel better for a few days but does not have a lasting result.

Posted by Dr. Williams

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