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During my teenage years, I had severe acne that left heavy scarring on my face. I am now in my mid-twenties and would like to minimize the appearance of these scars. What would be the best procedure to be performed on someone who has multiple small scars?


Providing your acne has become stabilized there are several things that can be    done.  A choice of chemical peels is excellent for patients that still have some active acne; however, it really does not assist or help in improving the scarring.  For patients who have deep ice-pick type scars, the best choice is direct excision of these more noticeable deep ice-pick type scars.  Shallow rolling scarring throughout the face as well as a combination of shallow rolling scarring with ice-pick type scars is really best addressed using a combined resurfacing technique using the carbon dioxide laser in conjunction with dermabrasion.  Dermabrasion is a technique that has been used for almost 40 years and is effective; however, incorporating the carbon dioxide laser does give us better results with collagen tightening.  These before-and-after photos can be seen on our website and I typically tell patients that they can see 40-60% improvement.  It is virtually impossible to eradicate the scarring completely; however, if someone is willing to accept a significant degree of improvement they are typically very happy.

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