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I like the idea of using natural hormones.  As these are the same thing as Bio-identical hormones?


Yes, the term “natural hormones” is the same as the term “Bio-identical hormones”.   Different people will use different terms, but they both mean the same thing.  What this means is that the hormone is chemically identical to the hormone in your body.  It is not modified in any way.   This is very different from the synthetic hormones that have been using in the past, which many were derived from pregnant horses’ urine, and were not chemically identical to human hormones.  This led to many complications and diseases, resulting from synthetic hormone use, especially the use of synthetic progestins because these cannot be completely metabolized by the body, as natural progesterone can.   Studies have shown increase in breast cancer from the use of these synthetic hormones, as well as the higher rate of heart disease and strokes.  Therefore, I only recommend natural/Bio-identical hormone replacement because the body can metabolize these hormones and they are identical to the hormones that your body would normally make. Posted by Dr. Allison Pontius

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