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Wrinkle creams can only help so much, if at all. When it comes to anti-aging techniques, the most effective ones can’t be found on a drug store shelf. Men and women at any age have something to say about how the signs of aging have appeared on their faces. Even in the earliest stages, topical treatments may fall short. Luckily, injectable fillers can pick up the slack, helping to rid early signs of aging and diminish more advanced age-related issues. There are many benefits to using injectable fillers to thwart the hands of time. Here are just of few reasons to make them a part of your regular maintenance routine.

Get Instant Results From Injectable Fillers

In today’s world, quick results are everything. With injectable filler treatments, you’ll get to see those initial results right away, banishing years from your appearance in just minutes. Injectable fillers will add volume beneath your wrinkles and creasing, restoring the skin to a smoother look and feel. They can also be used to plump the lips, add volume to the cheeks and forehead, and anywhere else that might have deflated with time. Much of these changes can be seen within just moments of your injection, usually before you even leave the room. The full effects of your injection should become gradually evident within the next two to three days—much faster than the results of surgery!

Even the treatment itself is very quick, usually lasting about 20 to 30 minutes for basic injections. For those who do opt for repeat treatments at regular intervals, these short visits are an ideal way to fit anti-aging maintenance into even the busiest schedules. That’s one lunch break every six months or so.

Don’t Waste Time on Recovery

While there are many surgical procedures that can effectively turn back the hands of time, the weeks of recovery that follow can make these treatments impractical for some patients. If you’re not looking for a long time commitment but still need a youthful boost, the nonsurgical alternative of injectable fillers could be the perfect fit. Instead of anesthesia, you’ll be treated with a short-acting numbing agent just at the injection site. Afterwards, you may experience slight redness, bruising, and the feeling of tightness around the area. These side effects are all normal and very short-lived, gradually subsiding on their own. In terms of recovery, there really isn’t any. Most patients are able to resume their daily activities without missing a step.

Take It Easy With a Low-Risk Injectable Treatment

Any procedure, even nonsurgical, can be accompanied by complications and any patient could be at risk. When it comes to injectable filler treatments, another big benefit is how low your risks really are for a complication or bad reaction. The risks you might face are also fairly mild in comparison to a surgical treatment. Many of the products used today are actually dissolvable, so if you don’t like what you see it can be taken away.

To make your risks even lower during your injectable treatment, choose a specialists like those in the Williams Rejuva Center who are experienced in administering various types of fillers in the areas you may need treatment in. He or she will talk to you about any allergies you may have, any past reactions to similar treatments, and other factors that may pose a risk to your health following an injectable treatment.The Williams Rejuva Center has a vast amount of experience. We are the largest providers of botox and fillers in the greater Capital Region and beyond.

Fortunately, injectable fillers are made from biocompatible materials that have a very small chance of causing a reaction in the average patient. Even if you are at risk for an allergic reaction, the wide variety of fillers and derivations can make it easier to match you with the right, low-risk injectable treatment.

Achieve a Healthy, Youthful Appearance

Immediate results, short recovery time, and a low risk of complications aren’t that impressive if the treatment doesn’t accomplish its goal. In the case of injectable fillers, however, the results speak for themselves. Today’s top fillers are versatile, working both to diminish lines and wrinkles and to replace lost facial volume that is often a common sign of aging. Gravity and time work together to displace the natural fat pads of the upper face downwards into the lower portion, around the jaw and chin. While it’s nice to fill in those wrinkles, dermal fillers will go a step beyond to plump up the areas of the face that need some rejuvenating.

This multi-faceted approach to anti-aging treatments is a great way to achieve the desired results you really want, sometimes to dramatic effect. Plump your cheeks, the hollows beneath the eyes, or the creases around the nose and mouth. By adding the right amount of volume to these key areas, your entire facial contour is rebalanced and given that youthful boost you desired. When you consult with us, we will recommend creating a comprehensive approach to your injectable filler treatment that might go beyond what you expected. Keep an open mind about your treatment and listen to your specialists for your customized plan; the results might truly surprise you!

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