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Pulsed Dye Laser

What is the VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser?

The VBeam device is a pulsed dye laser, which means that it utilizes dye to generate colored laser beams, delivered in short, concentrated pulses to the targeted treatment area. The color of the light used is determined by the target. For example, when treating rosacea or spider veins, yellow light is used. The light is converted into heat, and absorbed by the damaged blood vessels in the dermis, causing them to collapse and be naturally reabsorbed by your body without affecting surrounding cells. The VBeam laser can also be programmed to emit varying colors of light to target different skin concerns, causing them to break down and get flushed out by your body’s elimination processes.

What Conditions Can be Treated by the VBeam Laser?

Because the VBeam is most often used to treat dilated blood vessels, which are common symptoms of rosacea and spider veins, it is often known as a vascular laser. It targets hemoglobin, the red protein in blood cells in the blood vessels, without damaging surrounding cells or tissues. The VBeam laser is one of the most effective treatments for any type of skin disorder characterized by red discoloration.

VBeam is safe for use on all skin types; however, it has been found to be most effective on pale skin, as the wavelength of the laser is blocked by the melanin (pigment) in more pigmented skin.


VBeam treatments are the most effective solution for redness associated with rosacea. A recent study found that people with rosacea undergoing laser therapy saw a 40-60 percent improvement in symptoms and appearance after the second treatment.

Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries

Small or large facial spider veins occur as a result of the aging process and overexposure to the sun. Minimizing sun exposure and protecting your skin from the sun is the easiest way to prevent the further development of additional spider veins.


VBeam can also be an effective treatment to heal bruising that commonly occurs after surgical procedures or injectable treatments. Normally, bruising can take several days or even weeks to heal; however, patients that were treated with the Vbeam laser following surgery found significant to total healing of the bruise within 24- 48 hours.

VBeam can also be used to treat a variety of skin issues, including:

  • Sun damage (hyperpigmentation or sun spots)
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Red birthmarks (known as port wine stains)
  • Bruises
  • Warts

What to Expect From Your VBeam Treatment and Results

The VBeam laser treatment is performed right in our office at the The Rejuva Center at Williams. Depending on your skin type and what condition you are treating, you will be offered the option of having your treatments performed on a lower or higher setting.

The lower setting requires more sessions, but offers less downtime, while the higher setting requires fewer sessions, but may cause purpura (a laser bruise), resulting in a bit more downtime. The treatment is non-invasive, and patients report minimal discomfort during the procedure, though a topical numbing cream may be used to further ensure your comfort.

Following your VBeam treatment, you may experience minor redness and swelling for a few days, but once the swelling has diminished, you will be amazed by your results. You will see an immediate reduction in redness, but as your skin continues to heal, your full results will be visible about a month after treatment. For most patients, the aesthetic effects of the VBeam laser typically last up to 18 months.

When using the VBeam laser to treat rosacea, most patients will see a 50-75 percent improvement after undergoing three to five sessions. Because rosacea is a chronic condition, we typically recommend one to two maintenance treatments per year. Other skin concerns may require more or fewer treatment sessions, but this will be determined by one of our expert staff during your consultation.

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