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As time passes, you may have started to notice the natural progression of age on your face, including all of the changes that go with it – the gradual formation of lines and wrinkles, noticeable changes in texture, and visible loss of volume. Unfortunately, all of these changes are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept them. At The Rejuva Center at Williams, we offer several types of injectable fillers, including Sculptra Aesthetic, which is primarily designed to restore volume to your face.

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What is Sculptra?

FDA-approved Sculptra® Aesthetic is an injectable filler designed specifically to address loss of volume in your face. The active ingredient in Sculptra® is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic biocompatible and biodegradable material that works to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production. Because it is biocompatible and biodegradable, that means that Sculptra is compatible and safe for use in your body, and is made of a material that is easily absorbed by the body. In fact, PLLA has been safely used in the medical field for nearly 30 years, and can be found in dissolvable sutures and a variety of soft tissue implants. Because it boosts collagen, it offers longer-lasting, more natural results.

Who is a Good Candidate for Sculptra?

Sculptra is a temporary alternative to more invasive and permanent options, such as surgical fat transfer, and requires less downtime. Many patients enjoy the slower progression of collagen rebuilding, as it looks more natural and you appear younger without looking as if you’ve had any type of cosmetic treatment. At your initial consultation, together with one of our Cosmetic Nurse Specialists, you will discuss the number of treatments necessary for optimal results, as well as the amount of Sculptra® you will require at each treatment.

Sculptra® is an excellent choice for patients experiencing volume loss due to genetics or the natural aging process, as well as volume loss as a result of:

  • Weight gain and loss
  • Sun damage
  • Injury or trauma
  • Lifestyle choices (such as smoking and dehydration)
  • Illness
  • Hormone changes
  • Stress

What to Expect from Your Sculptra Treatment

As with our other injectable treatments, Sculptra injections are performed right in the spa-like atmosphere of the The Rejuva Center at Williams by one of our Certified Nurse Specialists. While the injection process is virtually painless, numbing cream will be applied to your face about 30 minutes prior to your treatment to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Sculptra® is then injected below your skin in the areas targeted for treatment. You may see immediate results, but because the effects of Sculptra rely on your body’s collagen production processes, more noticeable results typically take longer to be fully visible.

Treatments with Sculptra may result in minor side effects such as bruising, swelling, and tenderness, as well as hard bumps at the injection site. However, these effects are mild and quickly resolve on their own. If you are concerned about any of the side effects you are experiencing, please report them to any of our expert staff at the The Rejuva Center at Williams.

Results of Your Sculptra Treatment

As Sculptra® stimulates the production of collagen, it causes a gradual increase in skin thickness. Results start to be apparent after six weeks, and will continue to improve over the next six months. Often, further treatments may be needed to ensure that you achieve your desired results. Most patients require at least two treatments, while the average number of treatments required is three. Patients with severe volume loss may require up to six treatments.

Injection sessions are spaced six to eight weeks apart to allow for your body to produce new, healthy collagen and to evaluate if you need further treatment. By waiting six to eight weeks between sessions, you will be able to see the results of the procedure and decide if more treatments are necessary to add more volume. Clinical studies have shown that your Sculptra results will last as long as two years, though most patients will choose to undergo touch-up treatments in order to maintain their gorgeous results.

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